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1 Month of healthy (ier) life.

A month ago, on May 1, 2019, I started to live healthier and more consciously, only a few days back in Belgium and spent the rest of the past month on holiday with the family in law in the Philippines.

In the Philippines I also went to a Herbalife Nutrition Club and had a Wellness Evaluation performed, my metabolic age was 40 years and I am now 55 years old, that was very positive news but my visceral fat content was 15 and a healthy visceral fat value is between 1 and 12.

Visceral fat is the fat that develops around the organs, also called abdominal fat and this value is clearly too high and must go down as fast as possible, in the Philippines the lady who performed my Wellness Evaluation mentioned that I was a "Walking Time Bomb" .

I cannot publish weight results online because this is different for every person.

In the past month I have prepared 20 times a shake as a meal replacement, in the Philippines with different soy milk, my favorite was with Banana Soy Milk.

My weight is down and my abdominal circumference has decreased.

My belly circumference is clearly reduced, maybe I can get back in some of my earlier pants.

Now the first few days in Belgium I prepare my shake with cow milk but that is not really my taste and after 2 hours I am hungry again, I will check with my sponsor in the coming week and ask what I am doing wrong.

Formula 1 Nutritional shake + 300 ml. Cow milk + Shaker + Measuring spoon.

Normally there are 21 portions in a Formula 1 canister but I still have 1/3 left, I use a 28 cc plastic measuring cup each time, maybe I should take a little more shake powder every day.

After 20 portions I have 1/3 left, normally I can take 21 portions with 1 Formula 1 canister.

For optimal results I need 3 things:

# 1 Aloe drink

# 2 Thermo fat burner ( tea )

# 3 Formula 1 shake

In the coming week I will place my first order and order these products.

What surprised me in the Philippines was the fact that many people there knew the Herbalife company and were all very positive about it, both about the products and about the company.

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