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1 Week healthier living ... and the result is?

Today is May 7, 2019, exactly 1 week ago I started with

1) Drinking a meal replacement shake every morning.

2) Avoiding unhealthy food in general.

3) Reducing sweets by 95%.

4) Trying to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

5) Trying to sleep at least 8 hours a night.

During this past week, especially yesterday, on day 6, I noticed that I feel much better, something in the sense of "much purer", having more energy and refusing unhealthy snacks and food, a week ago I was a real sweet junkie, chocolate, waffles, ice cream, you could always do me a favor with all the above.

But now that I feel much better, much purer ... is it because I now drink a lot of flat water instead of those sweet soft drinks? I don't know, but I would like to continue this new way of living healthier.

And after a week of healthier eating and living, it is now time to stand on the scale and check whether my meal replacement shakes and healthier lifestyle translate into less weight.

I cannot publish weight results online because this is different for every person.

Wow, I was very pleasantly surprised, in the good sense, the meal replacement shakes and my healthier lifestyle have certainly reduced my weight, which is why I feel much better and have more energy.

Today I am traveling to my oldest brother-in-law on another Filipino island.

2 Hours by boat from Cebu to Camotes.

He still lives in unspoiled Filipino nature, I call this the Filipino jungle.

The end of the road, the rest we do on foot.

Nature is beautiful.

So much green, we can only dream of this in Belgium.

Almost at my oldest brother-in-law and family.

Simple living in the middle of nature, stress? What is that ?

We will stay here for a week, there is a village festival planned this coming weekend and we don't want to miss that.

Fortunately our room has air conditioning, it is very hot and humid here.

To our great surprise and this is the first time in 30 years, there is no running water because of the great drought here now in the Philippines, would the changing climate have anything to do with it?

Because water is very limited here and everything has to be transported with buckets, I have decided not to use meal replacement shakes in the coming week, there is not enough water to thoroughly clean my shaker every morning.

And now I also realize what a luxury we have in Belgium with all the amenities and especially if you turn on the tap, you can wash your hands, you can brush your teeth, flush the toilet or take a nice shower, here this is a very different story.

All references to weight management relate to Herbalife's weight management program including, among other things, balanced diet, regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, dietary supplements if necessary and sufficient rest, individual results may vary.

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