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How And Why Did I Start As A Herbalife Member ?

Updated: May 1, 2019

In short : The right products and opportunity at the right time!

In 1997, 22 years ago, I met Raf through a multilevel organization based in the U.S.A., selling websites in Belgium, this was at the very beginning of the internet in which people had to explain to companies why a website could be of interest to them, that multilevel organization only existed in Belgium for 2 years.

Raf with enthusiastic Herbalife users and distributors in Manila, Philippines.

Afterwards we regularly met at info sessions and we kept in touch through social media, 5 to 10 years ago we had an extensive conversation about Herbalife, Raf then had fully explained the products and the opportunity to me, but then I thanked Raf for 2 reasons, firstly, I had no weight problems [ not interesting for me as a customer ] at the time, and secondly, I was so busy with my own business that it was impossible for me to free up time to promote the Herbalife opportunity and to guide customers and distributors [ not interesting for me as a distributor ].

Raf at Herbalife Makati in the Philippines.

Two months ago Raf contacted me from the Philippines and told me that he had just followed a 6-day training with Herbalife distributors who are planning to start a Nutrition Club [ NC in short ] and that this is a real success formula in Manila that he wanted to talk to me about as soon as he was back in Belgium.

Raf came by and gave a lot of information about the company, the products and the opportunity and especially talked about the NC's, read more about NC's in a separate section. This formula is very successful in warm countries, originally started in Mexico, just people on the street who could taste and appreciate a Herbalife shake. If you have family or friends in a warm country, be sure to read the info about NC's and be sure to contact us if you want more information.

This is me today with clear obesity.

After Raf had told me everything about Herbalife, I immediately decided to register online and order the "starter package" when registering.

Herbalife starter package in Belgium costs just over 50 USD.

The starter package includes a beautiful Herbalife bag containing a Formula 1 Nutritional shake + shaker + measuring spoon and lots of information about Herbalife and the products.

Now I am on vacation with my in-laws in Cebu in the Philippines.

My mother-in-law has just turned 85.

In the past few days I have read and studied the written information about Herbalife and tomorrow May 1, 2019 I will start my first Herbalife shake to replace my regular breakfast consisting of 3 eggs.

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