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My sixth day healthier living and I feel much better already.

I notice now that I have more energy than before, my stomach no longer feels so tense and swollen.

Now I am really starting to realize that all those sugar drinks and sugar meals are very tasty but not good for our body at all, that I only realize this at the age of 55 is a bit late, but, as they say "Better late then never ".

Yesterday I went to the Filipino supermarket to buy some soy milk.

Vitamilk Energy and Vitamilk Regular 300 ml., prices in Philippine Pesos.

And these were also in the racks ...

Vitamilk Choco Shake and Vitamilk Double Choco Shake 300 ml., prices in Philippine Pesos.

My favorite with banana soy milk was not available in this supermarket, I did not buy the Double Choco.

Today we are going to try the Choco Shake.

Formula 1 Nutritional shake + 300 ml. Choco shake soy milk + Shaker + Measuring spoon.

Soy milk and Formula 1 Nutritional shake in the shaker.

And now close well and shake.

And this is the result ...

Breakfast is ready.

And now drink and judge the taste.

It is again very hot in the Philippines with a temperature of 33 ° C.

And then the score for the taste of this shake, a big 8/10, slightly better than yesterday's Energy Shake, but less tasty than the banana soy milk shake.

All references to weight management relate to Herbalife's weight management program including, among other things, balanced diet, regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, dietary supplements if necessary and sufficient rest, individual results may vary.

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