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The fifth day of my healthier life.

Today is May 5, 2019 and this means that I will make and drink my 5th meal replacement shake this morning.

Formula 1 Nutritional shake + 300 ml. Energy soy milk + Shaker + Measuring spoon.

And today I'm going to try a different taste of soy milk, this time the Energy Black Cereal Soymilk Drink.

Energy Black Cereal Soymilk Drink from Thailand.

The soy milk in the cup and the powder in the measuring spoon.

Add the powder to the milk and shake ( before use ).

And the shake is ready ...

Breakfast is ready.

Let's check what the shake looks like.

Formula 1 Nutritional shake mixed with 300 ml. Energy soy milk.

I am curious about the taste of this shake.

This is me on vacation in the Philippines.

Mmmmhhhh, also very tasty, this shake gets an 8/10 for taste, for now the banana soy milk shake remains my favorite.

And now I manage drinking at least 2 liters of water instead of Coke and other soft drinks.

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