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The third day of my healthy life.

The first 2 days, I made a shake with 300 ml. regular soy milk, I gave that shake an 8/10 score for taste.

Today I want to try 300 ml. banana soy milk.

Formula 1 Nutritional shake + 300 ml. Banana soy milk + Shaker + Measuring spoon.

I begin to know the routine, first milk in the shaker, then one full measure of the shake, close the shaker and shake well and this is the result ...

The shake is ready, I wonder how delicious this shake will be.

Mmmmhhhh, that's delicious! I give this shake a big 9/10 for taste, I am really starting to appreciate these shakes as a meal replacement for my earlier breakfast, usually consisting of 3 eggs with a cup of coffee.

Now, I still drink 1 cup of coffee a day but I can't reach my 2 liter water intake a day, usually around 1.5 liters, I will soon be ordering Herbal Aloe Vera to give the tasteless flat water some flavor.

I don't want to stand on the scale yet but will only do this at the end of the month, hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.

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